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Folkr Studio is an art direction, photography, and production studio based in Paris, specializing in brand expression and visual identity – founded by Pierre Pomonti.

We represent photographers, models and talent with the aim of creating a new era of distinctive image-makers. We assist brands, designers and artists throughout the creative process to bring business ideas to life.

We cover an umbrella of professions and competencies: from casting, production, influence marketing, talent management, art direction, brand content, photography, video, and much, much more…

Folkr Studio applies the same rigorous attention to context, process, and detail with every project we undertake.



With our dedicated in-house creative studio, we produce images and engaging video content for any traditional and digital platform. We provide creative visual campaigns to boost positioning and product desirability through imaginative concepts and original storytelling.


Casting direction

We bring together brands and people to create meaningful stories, experiences, and harmonious relationships to amplify the voice and message of each partner involved.

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Talent Management

We believe in advocacy and the power of influencer marketing. We connect our talents with brands to facilitate equally beneficial business opportunities without losing a brand's character or personal integrity.


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